How to Brand PLR Covers

Many PLR writers provide editable e-book covers, which is really great as long as you have the design program it was designed in.

I find, however, that most people who are using PLR often don’t have the software they need to edit the cover and they don’t really even want to be bothered. That’s where brandable covers come in.

What are Brandable Covers?

One thing’s for sure – you want to have your logo on your e-book covers. Brandable covers allow you to add your logo to them so that the product is branded to you and your business.

I often provide 5 different brandable covers with each of my e-books. That way, you can choose the cover you like best and add your logo to it, and poof! It’s done lickety split!

How to Brand Your Covers

While I did go to college for fashion design, and art and design are certainly some of my strengths, I am not a graphic designer. I do have Photoshop, but designing highly professional-looking covers and graphics is just  easier for me in Canva.

The only negative about Canva is that I can’t provide you with the Canva file so that you can edit it yourself. That’s why I provide different options for your PLR covers. Here’s what I provide:

  • Multiple cover choices so you can choose the one that works best for you
  • PNGs of each cover that you can upload into Canva, and then you can add your logo to them
  • PDFs of the covers, so that if you prefer to use Photoshop, you can place your logo on the PDF
  • I also provide cover options that are laid out so that no logo is necessary for those of you who are not concerned with adding your logo

I’m not going to go over the steps to add your logo using either of those programs because there are plenty of blogs out there that provide that info. For example, you can click here to read about placing a logo using Photoshop, and you can click here to read about adding your logo in Canva.

NOTE: With each of my covers, I always include samples of where you can add your logo to the covers, so you can look at those to get an idea of where to place your logo on each cover.

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